Discover Arabica Coffee in Bali

From Farm to Cup

Selected Arabica Coffee Beans from Bali

Bali Coffee Club (BCC) proudly produces the finest Bali Arabica coffee beans sourced from Bali.
Each bean undergoes meticulous selection and roasting to extract Arabica essence - rich and smooth taste in a cup of happiness, for you.
From farm to cup, we ensure every sip comes from the selected Arabica beans.

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Arabica Coffee in Bali

Are you craving the taste of Arabica coffee special from Bali?
Blending the richness of Balinese culture with modern brewing techniques, Bali Coffee Club offers a perfect place to savor the flavors of Arabica coffee sourced from Bali.

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Service With Love

We believe that great service is important to create great coffee experience. That's why we create a welcoming environment, designed with love - make you feel right at home.
Bali Coffee Club's baristas are true professionals of their craft, brewing up Arabica coffee that will indulge your taste buds. Cozy place and friendly baristas - Bali Coffee Club creates a perfect spot for catching up with friends, working, or simply enjoying the Arabica coffee exclusively from Bali.