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Great Taste from “The Island of The Gods”

The mountainous regions of the tropics are ideal for raising special Arabica coffee beans. Bali has two great active volcanoes that are surrounded by fertile black volanic soil - perfect for growing Arabica coffee with a great taste.

Quality is Our Priority

Bali Coffee Club (BCC) always prize quality above all else. Uniquely-grown Arabica coffee beans in Bali is the treasure. We're passionate to ensure that every cup of BCC coffee delivers Arabica coffee planted by local farmers.

Our Mission
Empowering Local Farmers - Our 100% Source of Arabica Coffee
We hold the belief that high quality Arabica coffee beans are cultivated by empowered local farmers. This is why we are dedicated to empowering these farmers. Each sip of your Arabica coffee carries a meaningful tale.
Our Story
Arabica Coffee Beans - It's a Matter of Heart, Body, and Soul
We embrace you - a coffee lover. Coffee is a universal language that can unite the world - the belief that born Bali Coffee Club (BCC).
Socially Responsible
Responsible to Local People
We have commitment to empower community to grow and ultilise Arabica coffee beans that you can enjoy from Bali Coffee Club.
We empower our local farmers, employees, and team member with meaningful opportunities to pursue their aspirations and educate them in the responsibilities we have in looking after what God and Earth have supplied to us.
Responsible to Our Planet
Earth is our planet, our beloved home. We're commited to shift away from single-use packaging products, and embracing eco-friendly and reuseable packaging products. We will always continue to finding better ways to manage waste by investing in regenerative agriculture, reforestation, forest conservation, river revitalization, and water replenishment in our supply chain.
Responsible to Social Impact
We have a mission to introduce and uplift Balinese culture globally. Bali Coffee Club believes that this will allow us to have a greater impact on the environment and cultural empowerment that Balinese people have protected for centuries to preserve their farming, culture, people, and beliefs.