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BCC uses only 100% arabica Bali coffee beans from the local region of Kintamani which the
beans growth at an elevation of 1500 meters The beans produce a balanced acidity and sweetness when fully

Which makes our coffee beans have a strong and smooth taste


We are able to roast our beans in a variety of ways to achieve a soth or strong flavor depending on your palette
We focus on our single origin Arobica Kintamani bean for manual brews such as V60, Vietnam Drip and Tubruk

We offer other products related to coffee aswell, such as aromatic coffee soap, coffee fragrants and in additional our food and beverage products are coffee enhanced

Service and Support

Our internal research and development department is always creating new ideas such as
coffee pizza dough, KopiAr (an infused fermentation coffee with Arak Bali), coffee sambal, coffee based
pastry selsctions and many more coffee flavored items. Come try any of our products and tell us what you think.