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Independence Day Celebration

On 17th August, the staffs of BVR Group Asia, Bali Coffee Club, and the Chillhouse Canggu
celebrated Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day in the Chillhouse Canggu by Bali Holiday Rentals.
The celebration started off with a short speech from Mr. Tutde as the Executive Assistant Manager
of the Chillhouse, listing off how we as Indonesians should thank our heroes and veterans for
their fight to achieve independence.

The event was then followed with a series of games, the first until third being traditional
independence competitions: cracker eating, marble race, and inserting nail into an empty bottle.
The crackers were hung on a string with the other end tied to the participants’ thigh, so that they
have to lift their legs in order to eat the crackers. The second game required the participants to
bite a spoon and walk as fast as they could to the finish line without dropping the marble on the
spoon. Failing to do so would require them to chase after the marble and placing it back on their
spoon before resuming their race. For the third one, participants were required to spin first before
trying to put in the nail attached to the string tied around their waist. The fourth competition was
a pair race which involved two people from each division to run while holding a balloon with their

The final and highlight of the evening was the pillow fight. One person from each division
sat on a log of bamboo atop the pool, then on signal, they both scooted to the centre of the
bamboo, handed the pillow and proceeded to hit each other until one of them fall into the water.
It started with preliminaries, then onwards to the final round between the kitchen and engineering.
Laughter and cheers rang throughout the evening, starting from the first game to the last. The first
until third winner of each game were given prizes and the overall winner (the kitchen team) won
themselves vouchers.

The event was closed with dinner, where everyone sat together and ate traditional
Indonesian food. It was truly a festive day filled with laughter and joy where staffs deepened their
bonds with each other and formed some new ones. Happy 77th Independence Day, Indonesia!

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Independence Cake

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